Service Overview

Our expert mechanics offer an array of services on almost any bicycle. We pride ourselves on doing a great job in a timely manner. We realize that if your bike’s in the shop, you’re not riding.

Labor rates are based on $60 per hour. Minimum labor charge is $10.00
Here is a list of our most popular services:

Standard Tune Up is Free if you purchased your bike here in the last six months.

  • Standard Tune Up

    • clean the frame, fork and wheels
    • true wheels
    • adjust headset, bottom bracket, and hubs
    • adjust brakes, (lube and trim cables as needed) replace pads if needed, (pads not included).
    • adjust derailleurs, (lube and trim cables as needed)
    • lube chain
  • Deluxe Tune Up
    • Includes everything in the tune up plus installation of new cables and housing.
    • Handlebar tape will need to be replaced on road bikes for an additional labor fee of $12.00.
    • Upcharge for Campagnolo brand cables or installing/bleeding hydraulic brake lines.
  • Complete Overhaul
    • includes everything in the Deluxe Tune Up plus we strip the bike down to the frame, clean all parts in our environmentally-friendly parts washer, re-install and adjust all components, and overhaul all bearings.
    • Additional charge for sealed bearings and full suspension frame pivot maintenance.

à la carte

Box bike for shipping $65  /// Add 50% for tandems and recumbents

Disc Brakes

Adjust brake without pads or bleeding $15
Install brake pads and adjust $20
Bleed individual hydraulic disc brake (includes fluid) $35
Install disc brake and bleed $55
Install mechanical disc brake $25
Install new rotor $12
Rebuild hydraulic disc brake caliper (includes bleeding) $80

Rim Brakes

Adjust brake $12
Replace brake pads (includes adjustment) $20
Install brake cable (includes adjustment) $20
Install brake $20


Hub adjustment $10
Hub overhaul front $20
Hub overhaul rear $30
Install tire / tube $10
Install tubeless tire (plus sealant) $25
Install tubular (plus glue) $35
Wheel build $50
Wheel true $10-25

Drive Train

Adjust derailleur $12
Install derailleur cable (includes adjustment) $20
Install derailleur (includes adjustment) $25
Clean drive train (disassemble and degrease in our environmentally-friendly parts washer) $50
Install chain $15
Install chainrings $25
Install / remove cassette or freewheel $15
Install bottom bracket $20
Straighten derailleur hanger $20

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